Brilliant Consultants Group offers a one-stop-solution for small and medium-sized enterprises. Brilliant Consultants offers tailored packages consisting of Accounting, Payroll, Information Technology and Consulting.

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Monthly Account Management

The monthly account management package contains all the relevant accounting services that the accounting function of a business needs to address on a month to month basis.

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Year-end Account Management

This is designed to ensure that client accounts are properly closed off at year end, that the proper year end journals are passed and thereby ensuring that client accounts are valid and accurate.

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Financial Analysis and Planning

Financial performance on a month to month, as well as a yearly basis. This financial analysis is compared to the corresponding prior year period, relevant operational budgets.

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Managerial Analysis and Strategic Planning

Cost and cost management aspect of their business. The outcome of the package aims to assist clients in maximising profits through development of relevant cost management and pricing strategies.

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Development and Maintenance of Critical Financial Documentation

Documentation supporting the amounts contained in the general ledger, trail balance and financial statements are organised and readily available.

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Ad-hoc Services

Ad-hoc services include; assistance with monthly billing statements, secretarial work; and valuation of company shares and business interests. On-site accounting, bookkeeping and consulting.

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Information Technology

We offer information technology services – Onsite IT support, IT projects, project management, server & desktop support, backup and off-set data management, network & infrastructure management, network & internet security and more.