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In order to ensure that our products and services are relevant, in-line with our strategic objectives as well as industry best practice, our services can be divided into the following broad areas:

  1. Monthly account management processes;
  2. Year-end account management processes;

Financial analysis and planning processes:

  1. Managerial analysis and strategic planning processes;
  2. Year end audit and review preparation processes;

Although we provide any of our listed services as and when the client may request it, we have also developed a service package. The package is essentially a service level agreement (SLA) which is entered into for a minimum period of 12 months.

The package consists of seven (7) stand-alone Brilliant Business Boxes, each package aims to address a specific stage or process within our clients’ accounting function. As such, our services have been split into the relevant packages and as they are stand-alone, it allows the client to choose the modules and related services which are relevant and/ or needed within their accounting function.

The various areas below and related services have been divided into the separate loose standing Business Boxes which can be selected in part or as a whole.

Please select the service you may require.
Please note: Brilliant Consultants will also quote based on individual services selected - not only per Business Box listed below.

Business Box 1: Monthly Account Management

The monthly account management Business Box contains all the relevant accounting services that the accounting function of a business needs to address on a month to month basis. Some of the services included in this package are:

Business Box 2: Year-end Account Management

Business Box 2 is ancillary to Business Box 1 and is designed to ensure that client accounts are properly closed off at year end, that the proper year end journals are passed and thereby ensuring that client accounts are valid, accurate and complete for financial statement preparation. Some of the services included in Business Box 2 are:

Business Box 3: Financial Analysis and Planning

Business Box 3 is designed to assist clients in the evaluation of their financial performance. The module is specifically designed to analyse clients’ financial performance on a month to month, as well as a yearly basis. This financial analysis is compared to the corresponding prior year period, relevant operational budgets and correlated with a relevant market comparisons.

The aim of this package is to provide clients with the ability to proactively respond to changes in market trends thereby enabling profit maximisation.

Some of the services included in this package are:

Business Box 4: Managerial Analysis and Strategic Planning

This package is aimed at assisting clients with the cost and cost management aspect of their business. The outcome of the package aims to assist clients in maximising profits through development of relevant cost management and pricing strategies.

Some of the services included in this package are:

Business Box 5: Development and Maintenance of Critical Financial Documentation

This package ensures that documentation supporting the amounts contained in the general ledger, trail balance and financial statements are organised and readily available thereby ensuring a smooth audit process.

Business Box 6: Ad-hoc Services

Ad-hoc services include;

On-site support;

Business Box 7: Information Technology Services

Service Level Agreement Available