Financial Analysis and Planning

Financial Analysis and Planning

Business Box 3: Financial Analysis and Planning

Business Box 3 is designed to assist clients in the evaluation of their financial performance. The package is specifically designed to analyse clients’ financial performance on a month to month, as well as a yearly basis. This financial analysis is compared to the corresponding prior year period, relevant operational budgets and correlated with a relevant market comparisons.

The aim of this package is to provide clients with the ability to proactively respond to changes in market trends thereby enabling profit maximisation.

Some of the services included in this business box are:

  • Detailed financial analysis based on financial results;
  • Financial risk assessment and analysis of critical components of the clients business processes and functions including the risk impact of a failure in internal control policies and procedures;
  • Evaluation of the relevance and effectiveness of internal control policies and procedures; and
  • Advice and assistance with the development of relevant and sound internal control policies and procedures.
Financial Analysis and Planning

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